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RDS monitoring equipment is manufactured by MacBe, WorldCast Systems and 2wcom,. Generally the Internet is used to connect this equipment to a monitoring centre.


There are very powerful products on offer that can be used for remote monitoring over the Internet. These products conform to the latest version of the RDS standard and support also RDS2 data monitoring. For more details consult the section "RDS Tools" and:

WordCast Systems / Audemat

As the monitoring gurus within the WorldCast Systems group, Audemat offers a wide range of products which offer RDS & data monitoring. Users can stream RDS data from any selected station and monitor all general RDS information along with lists of AFs, EON AFs, RT/RT+ and TMC as well as group sequence and all data as hex codes.

The top range product on offer is the Audemat FM MC5. It is not only an RDS/RDS2 analyzer but much more. It is a quite complete FM & test measurement platform. The system offers both mobile RF coverage measurement and extensive modulation analysis in a single comprehensive system. It is engineered for several user profiles such as broadcasters & operators, regulation authorities, manufacturers. The Audemat FM MC5 includes an extensive list of functionalities, not only on the analyzer side, but also on the signal generator part that is needed in an FM test environment. The Audemat FM MC5 enables on-site measurements, drive tests and factory tests and if we focus deeper on the RDS2 capabilities, with the RDS2 generator, users can generate RDS data and the additional RDS2 upper subcarriers. RDS data are fixed, but RDS2 data can be either only 0 or only 1, or alternate 0/1 or a counter. The RDS2 analyzer will decode and record all RDS data received. It logs all RDS2 data and it is an RFT decoder. During a drive test the Audemat FM MC5 enables visualization of automatic RDS retuning with AF switching and it shows the RDS2 error rate areas.

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For more than 25 years 2wcom has been an established manufacturer and worldwide supplier of professional broadcast products.