The RDS Forum is the international platform for advances in RDS technology The next meeting of the RDS Forum is on 20/21 May 2019

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Since very long already, the RDS Forum offers to the industry, broadcasters, transmission providers and regulators a superb professional contact network. The RDS technology has been adapted to what mobile FM/RDS radio receivers need today (e.g. linkage to Internet). Supporting the transition to Digital Radio over the next years is one of the primary issues studied now by the Forum. How to link national, regional, sub-regional and local radio programmes best in a hybrid (analogue and digital) European radio landscape that is being built over more than a decade or so, requires a lot of experience and imagination and exchange with other Fora. Resulting guidelines support services and products of all Forum members concerned.

RT+ is a feature that was first discussed in the RDS Forum in 2005. It was jointly developed by the IRT, Nokia and the WDR. The RDS Forum, in collaboration with experts from the US NRSC, validated the proposal and extended it a bit. The invention was filed as a patent. However the RDS Forum could arrange that the technology can be used free of charge as an open technology and then it was included into the new version of the RDS standard. More