The RDS Forum is the international platform for advances in RDS technology The next meeting of the RDS Forum is on 20/21 May 2019

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The RDS Forum was founded in 1993 and it serves its members also as a contact network for experience exchange regarding the use and correct implementation of the technology. Maintenance means not only keeping the RDS system going as originally conceived by the EBU, but also upgrading it, maintaining full compatibility with the very large number of existing RDS receivers, to enable new functionalities that have become available for implementation in new RDS receiver generations. More

RDS and FM radio are by now a fully established radio technology, worldwide. Almost every person on earth has at least one FM radio, and a large proportion of those radios have RDS, in cars its nearly 100%. We, in the RDS Forum, have successfully adapted RDS to meet the new requirements for mobile reception. RadioText Plus (RT+), first discussed in the Forum in 2005, became a feature of the first FM radio within the new iPod nano 5G. This very attractive feature certainly is also appealing to young people as it permits during a music radio programme (among many other possibilities) to display on the receiver, e.g. a smart phone, the artist name and the music title, just the same as on MP3 music players like the iPods. More

May be you find it interesting what we are doing and you consider to join the RDS Forum. In comparison to similar associations our RDS Forum annual member fee is relatively low. You can join at any time of the year. Your annual fee gives you the membership for a full year from the moment you join. Each year you will have to renew your membership. There is no automatic continuation. More

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