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The RDS Implementation Guidelines are for broadcasters, transmission operators and RDS equipment and receiver manufacturers to provide RDS implementation advice.

The RDS Guidelines were written by a team of RDS Forum members who are closely involved in the RDS development since more than 30 years. Thus this publication comprises an enormous amount of collective knowledge and information. It generally informs the reader about the possibilities seen within the RDS Forum, to use this well proven and much updated FM radio technology at its very best, well taking into account the transition to digital radio.

The RDS Guidelines were last reviewed by the RDS Forum in 2023/4 with the aim to add more implementation advice regarding the use of the updated RDS standard IEC 62106 (all parts).

The Guidelines in the form of a PDF eBook are available to non-members of the RDS Forum, free for broadcasters and for a contribution to the RDS Forum of CHF 250 (Swiss Francs) to others. An order form can be downloaded from here.