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The updated IEC RDS standard version IEC 62106 can be purchased on the internet from the IEC IEC webstore.

Enter into the search field the IEC reference 62106.

The updated RDS Technical Specification submitted to the IEC as a draft for the new standard version IEC 62106, all parts except 10 and compiled into one document is available for your own consultation, as a PDF as R21/004_1.

The RDS Forum invites you to review it and send your observations back.

Download this PDF (7.9 MB)

Note that you will need a password to open it and you will not be able to print it on paper, for copyright reasons.

You can get your password for free, if you request it by email from here.

Attention : IEC 62106-2 has been updated; the RDS2 File Transfer protocol RFT was added.

There are two other Parts in the process to be added to the RDS standard. These are Part 9 (RBDS) and Part 10 (UECP). The IEC target date to achieve this are in both cases is 2021.

Part 10 (UECP) - The respective RDS Forum final draft is doc R21/007_4 (2.1 MB). Please download and request respective the password to open it. The UECP is backwards compatible with earlier versions published by the RDS Forum. It has been extended to achieve full RDS2 functionality.

Note that Parts 7 and 8 do not exist and are not planned either. The reason is that RBDS was initially planned as Part 7 and the UECP as Part 8, but the IEC decided not to use thes Part numbers and instead use for RBDS Part 9 and for the UECP Part 10.