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RDS monitoring equipment is manufactured by 2wcom, Axel Technology, Profline and Worldcast (formerly Auditem/Aztec). Generally the Internet is used to connect this equipment then to a monitoring centre.


For more than 15 years 2wcom has been an established manufacturer and worldwide supplier of professional broadcast products in the fields of FM, RDS, complete RDS-Networks consisting out of RDS Encoder and fully featured FM/RDS Monitoring Decoder, DVB-S/S2 complete Satellite Systems and DVB-T Monitoring equipment. The national broadcasters ARD, Media Broadcast Germany, ORF, Swisscom, Telenor/Norkring, MediaCorp Singapore and Danish Radio do rely on 2wcom products.

Axel Technology

Axel Technology produces RDS and MPX Monitors equipment. All these products use the UECP protocol. Follow the link for further information.


As the monitoring gurus within the WorldCast Systems group, Audemat offers a wide range of products which offer RDS & data monitoring. With units ranging from the low cost FM Monitoring Silver through to the ever popular Goldeneagle FM and Goldeneagle HD, users can stream RDS data from any selected station and monitor all general RDS information along with lists of AFs, EON AFs, Radio paging, RT/RT+ and TMC as well as group sequence and all data as Hex codes.